Menu Design | Personalisation

At Worldwide Menus, the focus of our business is to create unique menus that have been personalised in every possible aspect to suit our customers’ venue. Giving you the menu design you want. We believe that personalised menu covers need to reflect the venue, not the manufacturer – that’s why we offer our customers such extensive menu customisation possibilities. Our menu covers, wine list covers, bill presenters, guest room folders and menu boards can all be personalised by material, colour, finish, size, branding, binding, fixings, accessories and more.

Our online configurator allows you to put together your bespoke menu covers with a visual representation, allowing you to experiment with different options until you get the exact look you want. Begin by selecting your desired product, select the exterior, interior, add your branding and accessories and then follow the subsequent steps on our online configurator where you can add your own twist on your custom menu covers, bill presenters, guest room folders, menu boards and more.

To configure your custom product with your own venue logo or branding, simply email your artwork as a PDF file to our team. Once received, we will create a digital proof with colour and position to your artwork for approval. this can then be amended if required until you are happy with the results.

Foil printed logo

To have your logo foil printed onto a cover we will make a brass plate. The brass plate is then hand set on the hot foil printing press, using a special bonding tape. Once the plate is set and fully heated, the process can begin. The logo is aligned to the correct spacing as required and the selected foil loaded onto the machine, this foil is then passed under and pressed onto the cover which transfers across leaving your branding on the covers in a metallic finish.

menu design

Typeset foil print(standard text)

You can add text to your covers using one of our standard fonts. With a choice of four fonts you can make the covers suit your requirements. This style of printing is made using individual letters, which are handpicked to make up the wording you have requested. Once the wording is made up, this is then placed into trays and set on the printing press to heat up. Once the lettering is heated up the process the positioning is calculated and the foil printing process can begin. The foil is loaded onto the machine and passed under the lettering. This is then pushed against the cover leaving a metallic foil transfer on your item with the desired wording.

takeaway menu design

Blind embossing

This works the same way as the foil printed logo with the production of a brass printing plate, however the foil is left off the printing press and the heat from the plate goes straight into the cover pushing the design into the material. This gives the design a subtle branding working best on the Paris, Rome, Washington and Saddle Hide materials due to their heat branding qualities.

restuarant menu design

Digital menu print

The covers are printed using the latest UV cured flatbed printers. With this personalisation option the items are aligned and set up. Once the set-up is complete, the process of printing can begin, creating a full colour branding onto your item using a 7-colour print process. With this print, the inks are cured with a UV light to ensure they are set for a long-lasting photo quality print.

This process is not suitable with the Berlin range of items.

bar and takeaway menu design

Laser Menu Engraving

For our wooden range, we are able to personalise these products by laser engraving. This process uses a high precision digital laser to burn away the top layer of branded wood, exposing the natural beech wood beneath. Where suitable, we add an extra, deeper outline around the outside of the laser engraved branding to ensure this shows as clearly as possible.

cafe menu design