1. The Proper Hand Washing Policy In Your Restaurant

    The Proper Hand Washing Policy In Your Restaurant

    How To Implement The Proper Hand Washing Policy In Your Restaurant

    Restaurants should have a properly implemented food safety program, and part of this is an efficient hand washing policy. As a restaurant owner, your business should be strongly focused on consistently training your staff and making sure that they are following protocols. The nature of your business requires that basic hand washing and hand hygiene policies should be implemented within the premises.

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    Why Is Hand Washing Important?


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  2. What Is Restaurant Profit Margin? Details That You Need To Know

    What Is Restaurant Profit Margin? Details That You Need To Know

    Definition Of Restaurant Profit Margin

    It sounds like complicated financial jargon, but what does restaurant profit margin mean? In the most basic understanding, the profit margin of your restaurant is the standard measure of its profitability. It mainly refers to the potential of your business to make a profit. If you are opening a new restaurant, it is important to get a good grasp of your profit margin potential to gauge and improve your probabilities for success. This principle ought to be applied in your daily, as well as overall operations.

    Definition Of Restaurant Profit Margin

    By restaurant profit margin, you are referring

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  3. What Bar Essentials Do You Need To Start Your Business?

    What Bar Essentials Do You Need To Start Your Business?

    Stocking Your Bar

    A drink that’s splendidly mixed can make your day. Isn’t it so exciting how an amazing blend of colors in different layers and distinct flavors dancing with the daring tang of liquor quenches your thirst for an invigorating sensation? You can come by this in a magically concocted mixed drink that’ll make your moments utterly memorable. That’s how it should be with your customers, particularly when you are planning to start your new bar.

    As the owner of your bar, you need to be in-the-know about “mixology”, or the science of crafting drinks. This article will guide you about buying bar essentials and other items from Worldwide menus so that your staff

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  4. How to start a restaurant in 21/22

    How to start a restaurant: Complete Guide

    The idea of opening a restaurant business is great. However, it is not as easy a task as it seems and requires a lot of work to make it successful and attractive to people. We have gathered the steps and strategies to open your restaurant. 

    1. Decide The Concept Of Your Restaurant

    The first thing and important thing you need to consider when you are going to open your restaurant is deciding the theme of your restaurant. It is always recommended to conduct extensive research to decide the theme of your restaurant. Take into consideration the choice of your target audience and what is more appealing to them. It might also require a lot of money but remember that it is an investment for your successful business.


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  6. restaurant social media post ideas 21/22

    Including a social networking element in your restaurant menu

    Which social media platform is the best fit for my company? 

    What approach should I use for each social media platform?

     When it comes to social media, these are some of the queries that a hospitality manager could have. 

    Next, we'll offer some suggestions and ideas to assist you in implementing a cost-effective SM approach.

    social media strategy for your restaurant


    It's no longer enough

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  7. How To Write a Restaurant Menu Step-by-step

    The Complete Guide For How To Write a Restaurant Menu: 7 Tips

    A menu is one of a restaurant's most significant marketing tools. The menu should be created with the intention of attracting, informing, and satisfying the diner. Some menus are complicated, containing national or regional specialities from the cuisine. 

    Others keep things simple with a small, high-quality menu of a few popular options. When it comes to designing a menu for a restaurant or café, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach. You must create a menu that caters to your clients while also achieving the objectives of your idea and company strategy.

    A restaurant menu can be written in a variety of ways (check our top menu covers for restaurants

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  8. what to do with old ring binders?

    Is it Possible to Recycle Binders?

    Binders are one of the most effective methods to organise your school or office materials. And, as a result of their importance, they have seen growing use in recent years

    In spite of their popularity, as time goes by, you might end up in a situation where you need to sell your old binders and buy some brand new ones. It is entirely possible to sell used binders and what you will do with them after sale. There are several options that come to mind when you are wondering how to recycle the binders once they are no longer useful to you.

    Professors, undergraduate students, and graduate students, among others, use binders. People use it to save invoices and papers in both offices and at home, which is why it is so

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  9. Restaurant Themed ideas for dinner 21/22

    Restaurant Theme Ideas For A Profitable Dining Business

    There are many factors to take into consideration when planning a restaurant. A major one is the theme or concept, and it can be difficult to choose one which is more apt. To be able to figure this out, you should determine crucial elements such as your audience or target market. Along with that is the price range, and whether you want the ambience to be casual or formal.

    Aside from such factors, you also need to mull over if there is a certain brand of food that you would like to build your brand around. There are actually 8 different types of restaurant theme ideas that you can choose from, and they are discussed below. Not that you have to distinctly stick to one concept, but you can get creative and fuse some essential elements together.

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  10. Cocktail Menu Design Inspiration

    Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Cocktail Menu

    It takes effort and some tweaking to create a well-balanced, interesting cocktail menu (check more on menu design website inspiration). Keeping things interesting and fresh for your regulars may keep them coming back, and it's also a wonderful way to bring in new consumers. Keeping up with shifting trends in the bar industry may help you keep your products current while remaining true to your brand. Try adding the recommendations below into your drink menu if you're looking for a few simple improvements.

    What are the six basic cocktails?

    What are the six basic cocktails

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