1. How to increase restaurant reviews

    How To Increase Your Good Reviews For Your Hotel Or Restaurant On Google

    How do you make the services and the customer experience of your hotel or restaurant “remarkable”? After all, it’s a word that means that something is worth “making a remark about”, and you would want what your customers to say to be positive and worthwhile.

    This is where you need to apply hard work and efficiency in delivering your service. You will want your establishment to be noted for the exemplary regard that you give to your customers because you want it to grow bigger. 

    One of the ways of expanding and growing your business is by word-of-mouth, and nowadays, people do that on the Internet. You can gain more customers by getting more good reviews for your hotel or restaurant in Google.


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  2. Menu Drink and Food Boards For A Restaurant, Takeaway, or a Bar

    Your Guide To Menu Drink and Food Boards For A Restaurant, Takeaway, or a Bar

    If you want to increase your restaurant business during the morning breakfast and lunch hours you need a restaurant menu board. But creating an attractive menu board is not easy. There are so many things to consider, colour, fonts, size, first impression, etc. And not having the time to design your own can be challenging.

    No one likes going hungry. I know that’s not a revolutionary thought, but it’s an important one when considering the design of your menu food board. It doesn’t matter how good your food is if customers can’t easily make a decision about which dishes to choose from. Get more people through the line by using best practices for creating attractive menu boards and marketing materials (have you che

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  3. You Guide To Ring Binders

    Your Guide To Ring Binders in 21/22

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  4. What are clipboards used for

    Your Guide To Clipboards

    This is one essential tool to carry with you while in the office, in a restaurant, working in a bar or any other workplaces. This clipboard is great for planning or organizing your work and life. Information regarding the project can be written in this clipboard and can be carried easily wherever you go. The clipboard can also includes other important features such as a useful notepad and pend holders.


    What are clipboards used for?

    Clipboards are versatile tools that can be used for arts and crafts, painting, drawing, and more. They are small and lightweight making it easy to carry them around, yet the ring allows you to hang your clipboard on a hook if necessary. Ideal for all ages, clipboards are a necessity when you have some creative ideas you want to put down.

    You can even get personalised clipboards for your business.


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  5. What is Bonded Leather

    What is Bonded Leather?


    We use high quality bonded leather made from 85% genuine leather fibres and waste retrieved from tanneries to form a uniform sheet material (have you seen World Wide Menus Menu Covers).

    Not all bonded leathers are the same, (bonded leather) some can have a leather content as low as 50% producing an inferior product.  At worldwide menus, we only use the highest quality materials giving your products the visual impact they deserve.

    Bonded leather is an environmentally

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