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  1. Creative Ways To Use Chalkboard In Your Restaurant

    Chalkboards aren't only limited to classrooms now. You can see them in restaurants and at home.  These boards are in trend for menus, signs, sidewalks, and promotions. They offer you a clean black canvas where you can write your discounted items, menu, a dish of the day, and special offers for food lovers.

    In simple words, the chalkboard art is amazing for bars, restaurants, and hotels. You can set the mood of visitors while driving sales with a unique style. The most impressive part of using chalkboards in restaurants is that it is not as expensive as a printed menu.

    Here are some creative ways to use the chalkboard in your restaurant:

    Chalkboard Menu

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  2. 11 Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Win More Customers

    Are you a restaurant owner? If yes, you might have known the importance of promotions. A proper marketing plan is as important as quality food in the restaurant. With unique restaurant promotion ideas, you can make your separate identity and spread your name to attract the target audience. Otherwise, all your efforts to set up a restaurant will go in vain.

    Making the best marketing strategy can take some time and money. But the result will be very fruitful as you will have more sales and profit. But, how can you attract customers? Well, here are some unique and exciting promotion ideas to win more customers in a short period:

    unique restaurant promotion ideas

    1. Celebrities

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  3. 7 Outstanding Small Hotel Lobby Design Ideas

    Communal spaces such as cafes or hotel lobbies allow you to do business, socialise, and relax. Moreover, their design plays a significant role in the success of the hotel business. 

    Therefore, below are some most creative and outstanding lobby design ideas to explore. These inspirational ideas help to create a lobby that is unique and eye-catching. But first, let us know about the importance of hotel lobbies.

    What is the Idea Behind a Hotel Lobby?

    Small hotel lobby design ideas

    The main purpose of the hotel lobby is to provide guests with a  common area in which they can check in and out. They can also meet with friends or colleagues, complete some work, or relax there. It

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  4. Step by Step Guide to Create a Menu for your Cafe in the UK

    Designing and implementing a cafe's menu is one of the major parts responsible for its success. If menus were not important, there would have been an MS Word screen for all the categories!

    But, a menu makes the cafe different and affects the sales significantly. So, you must pay attention to some key steps while designing a menu. So, sway all your dilemmas away as here is the best step by step guide to creating a menu for your cafe in the UK. Let's dive in!

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  5. What Are Restaurant Menu Clipboards: All You Need To Know

    You can give a unique character to your restaurant menu by using a clipboard. A menu clipboard is a practical alternative to a regular menu card. There are many advantages to using it, that’s why it is a popular accessory in restaurants, eateries and bars.

    There are several factors to consider when buying a menu clipboard. When doing so, you should choose a durable and high-quality brand that can serve you for the years to come.

    Is It Worth It To Buy A Menu Clipboard?

    Is It Worth It To Buy A Menu Clipboard

    A clipboard basically works like a wooden placemat under your menu. I

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  6. 7 Unique Menu Ideas to Improve Your Customer Experience

    Customer service is a predominant aspect of a restaurant business. It definitely is a main area of concern. But have you ever given due attention to its counterpart- customer experience?

    “Complete customer experience” entails offering the best service from all segments of your business, starting from the staff that takes phone reservations to the host or the hostess, the servers and the table service and the entertainment. How engaged is your staff, and is your parking service efficient? The waiting area and the ambience should be excellent, too. Are your bathrooms clean and functional? Your food has to be splendid and your service, above all, should be fast.

    These factors taken together provide your diners with overall satisfaction when visiting your restaurant. All the moving parts of your business determine your customer experience.

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  7. How to Train New Servers At Your Restaurant [Server Training Checklist]

    It always pays to train your restaurant serving staff efficiently. Literally, that is, because they are those who spend the most facetime with your customers. And if your guests have a good experience, they can become returning patrons who can improve your restaurant profits.

    So basically, you have to hire the right employees for the job. You can actually obtain huge dividends for your dining establishment if you implement a structured server training program.

    Buy clipboard online

    There are plenty of huge advantages of server training. When you hire someone new, you can readily emphasize to them your workplace culture, which in turn, reduces the turnover rate. From your restaurant server training scheme, you should be able to establish a productive and well-informed

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  8. Restaurant Menu Trends You'll See In 2022

    Many people are compelled to stay in their homes because of the pandemic. This occurrence has led to changes in their preferences as customers. Particularly when it comes to dining. Mostly ordering take-out or deliveries, folks who are confined in their abodes began to focus on their health.

    Restaurants, on the other hand, started to implement sustainable practices. Along with these are incorporating mood and immunity-boosting selections in their menus. These, among plenty more others, bring about new restaurant menu trends in 2022.

    Buy clipboard for restaurant menu

    6 Astonishing Restaurant Menu Trends In 2022


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