Menu design

Design of the Menu Cover 

Worldwidemenus is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to menu cover design and production. We now have so many materials at our disposal that we can make truly unique products. We can meet even the most difficult specifications and develop something that is truly representative of the client's venue. 

If you're looking for a product that's one-of-a-kind in terms of form, material, or colour and can't find it on our website, please contact our sales team, who will work with you to design a custom product just for you. 

Material Selection

We provide a variety of materials from which to make your menu folder, allowing you to produce a one-of-a-kind and luxurious product that will set you apart from other restaurants and events. Cloth, leather, wood, cork, PVC, and a variety of other materials are available in a wide spectrum of colours. 

Consider the Following while Selecting a Material

The style and colour scheme of your venue: 

Do you want a bright modern colour or traditional leather menu covers? You may want to consider something that goes with your brand colour.

How busy is your venue? 

Some materials are more durable than others. A busy venue will need a material that is more durable.

How many pages of the menu do you want to display? 

Some materials are thicker than others and lend themselves to fewer page menus.

Your budget: 

Different materials have different raw material costs and are more labour intensive to make, meaning that the prices do vary.

Our team is available to discuss any of these topics with you and recommend the finest material for your needs, budget, and, most importantly, your brand. 

Choose your Favourite Colour

Each material range has its own set of colour selections. 

Menu covers may now be printed in full colour, so even if you can't locate the exact colour or finish, you're looking for we can provide you with an endless number of options. You have the option of collaborating with our talented graphic design team to create amazing artwork that complements your restaurant or venue. 

Pick Your Fixing 

You'll need to determine how you want your menu to be shown within your covers. 

Select Your Size 

Our goods are available in a variety of conventional paper sizes and forms for design and production. Many of our regular sizes are designed to fit normal 'A' paper sizes as well as US letter sizes. 

Bill presenters, wine list coverings, and other matching restaurant accessories are available in a wide range of industry standard sizes. 

A4, 2/3 A4, 1/2 A4 and A5 regular sizes. Due to their usefulness, A4, 1/2 A4 and A5 are the most common. 

Drinks and dessert menus look wonderful on A5 and 1/2 A4, with A4 being the most frequent size for main meals. 

We manufacture the menu covers slightly larger than the paper sizes to ensure that your menu inserts fit snugly inside the covers.

If you require a custom size, our team will work with you to fulfil practically any requirement. 

Personalisation and Branding Options are Available

Most of our clients want their venue's or brand's name or logo on the menu covers. Depending on the material used, all our products can be personalised in a variety of ways. 

The personalisation possibilities for each material type are listed on each product page. 

FAQs on the Common Menu 

What's the Best way to have my Logo on the Menu Covers? 

Your company's logo and branding can be added to any of our goods. We can put a high-quality version of your logo or pattern on your menu covers if you have one, preferably a vector in a PDF, AI, SVG or EPS file format (the person who produced your logo will be able to give you with this if you don't already have one). 

If you are unable to locate a vector file, we can provide a graphic design service to reconstruct your files in the proper format. Different versions of the completed files are delivered to you so that you can use them for any future branding tasks you may have in mind. 

Once you've got your high-resolution file and determined what kind of material you want, think about how you want it to look on the menu covers. 

Why not use the same pattern on your menu covers as your wallpaper or curtains? 

How long will it take for my Order to Arrive? 

It normally takes us from one to three weeks to produce your order once it has been confirmed and your artwork has been approved. Some materials/options can take longer than this, however you will be told how long they will take when you place your order. 

Please let our team know if you require your order by a specified date, such as an opening night, and they will try their best to meet your request. 

Worldwidemenus also offers a standard menu cover collection that can be delivered in a shorter amount of time. Menu Covers are now available for purchase.