7 Clever Do Not Disturb Sign Ideas for Office Door

7 Clever Do Not Disturb Sign Ideas for Office Door

Oftentimes in the office, you’re assigned to work on that brain-wracking excel sheet or that pernickety report. These tasks require you to focus and get your flow going. You wouldn’t want to be disturbed, so you have to make means to keep your privacy. You’ll basically want to keep your co-workers out and save their chit-chat or whatever businesses for another day.

Is it in a private or shared room office where you’ve been designated to work? Or maybe a cubicle or a particular co-working space? Or perhaps you have a home office? In this case, you’ll have to ensure your privacy during those times when you have to do your thing. Apparently, you ought to tell other people in the house or office to “bugger off”, but politely. How do you do this?

One of the best ways is to hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign in your exclusive territory. Below are 7 of the clever ideas for DND signs for your office door.

Smart Tips and Ideas For Office DND Signs


1. Office Door  Hanger, Office Door Sign, or Meeting In Session Sign

This DND office door hanger is handmade, and its materials are wood, acrylic, jute, and glue. It has a great height of 8 inches and a width of 8 inches as well, and its depth is .25 inches. It’s fantastic that you can use both sides of this office door sign, and they are pretty attractive.

This DND sign is a pleasant way of welcoming people into your office or letting them know they should return later. The letterings on both sides of this sign have been engraved by laser into the wood where on one side it says “I’ve been waiting for you,” and on the opposite side, the saying is “My door is always open except now.”

2. On A Call Door Hanger, Do Not Disturb Door Sign On Home Office

This door hanger is handmade, and its material is made of a thick card. If you need some peace while working at home because you’re on a work-related call or a friendly one, this DND sign is perfect for you. If you’re having a meeting or presentation or working as a vlogger, a podcaster, or a musician- especially if you are a parent, you can really make good use of this door hanger.

3. Do Not Disturb Sign Unless You’re Dying, On Fire, A Puppy Work Door Hanger

This DND sign is a handmade door sign made of wood, plywood, and polyacrylic, wherein the letterings have been laser engraved. It’s quite tall with an 8.25 inches height, but thin with its 3.25 inches width. It has a depth of .125 inches. As you might have noticed, this DND sign is playful.

You get to keep everyone aware that you’re busy, but in a fun way. On its natural birchwood plywood surface, the pertinent sayings have been laser-engraved. Both sides have been hand-finished and ultimately coated with a protective transparent semi-gloss polyacrylic to give it a clean finish.

4. Door Knob Tassel with Changeable Tag

This item is handmade and made of paint, wood beads, and cotton cord materials as a handmade door sign ornament. A simple yet elegant statement, this charmingly handcrafted door knob tassel fits perfectly in boho, modern farmhouse, hygge, coastal, and traditional style settings. It does make your door knob lively as it adds a splash of colour. Besides your office, it is also ideal for boutique hotels, guest rooms, therapy, or spa rooms, among others. Depending on your intended message, the tags are changeable, and you can have others customized for more.

5. Mom Is Working Sign, Do Not Disturb Sign, Mom’s Office Sign

This is alluringly handmade as a DND sign, and its materials are twine and medium-density fibreboard(MDF). It’s quite cute as a decor in a mom’s office with its 9 ½ by 5 ¾ inches dimensions of MDF wood with engravings. It can be hung on twine that comes with a bow accent.

6. On-Air Door Hanger, Recording In Progress, Do Not Disturb Door Sign For Home Office

This door hanger that indicates an On-Air Do Not Disturb message is handmade, and it is perfect when you need complete privacy in your home office while recording something for work or your personal projects. Vloggers, presenters, podcasters, and musicians will really like this essential accessory for their home office. Its material is made of a thick card.

7. Nope, Yep, Minimalist Do Not Disturb Door Sign, Work Door Hanger

This decor and work accessory is handmade, and its materials are wood, plywood, and polyacrylic with laser engraving. As you may know, the messages on this door sign are minimal and playful, comprising only “Nope” on one side and “Yep” on the other side. You get the message. Being natural wood grain and unique, knots and dark spots may appear, giving it an authentic look.


These and plenty more are possible fun and smart ideas for Do Not Disturb signs in your office.

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