7 Modern Coaster Design Tips for Your Brand Recognition

7 Modern Coaster Design Tips for Your Brand Recognition

Nowadays, many marketing and advertising attempts have been trying to reach as many audiences as possible, especially when they’re least receptive to them. People tend to skip or tune out from ads that appear almost anywhere now. 

They can be present over the radio, before and after your favourite TV program, and more recently and quite massively, on the Internet. Coaster marketing with more modern designs towards brand recognition is an effective way to reach people because it’s catchy and quickly gets people's attention. 

More often, drink coasters are used in settings where people are in relaxed mode and in good spirits. Let’s learn more.

Why Use Modern Coaster Designs for Your Brand?

Ever wondered what drink coasters are for, anyway? Their practical use prevents condensation from dripping down onto surfaces, protecting them from scratches. 

Most of us tend to check out these coasters that silently serve their purpose under our drinks and beverages during idle moments of waiting. Some have to glance at these coasters every time they set their glasses down and rest them on them. 

Aside from being quite handy and helpful, these drink coasters can become tangible marketing tools people can touch, read, and even take home with them. It’s also human nature to receive coasters as gifts in various situations and occasions every once.

Tips for Your Modern Coaster Designs for Brand Recognition


Here are seven (7) different ways to turn and personalise drink coasters to promote your brand and business eventually. This list can even help you find the inspiration you need in making your coasters more on the creative and engaging side!

1. Promotional Giveaway

If not the most popular and the best, one way of using personalised coasters is by turning these plain mats into your promotional giveaways. Leave them behind with your clients as a token of appreciation or souvenir, or give them away during company events. All recipients can surely put these items to good use. Even better, they’ll constantly be reminded of your brand and remember their experience with your business whenever they use your coasters.

You can have your logo as the overall coaster design, tell your story, and connect with people through your product and brand and tell-tales. Take advantage of the printing space as much as you can, but remember to keep your message short and sweet, down to the gist!

2. Coaster Business Cards

Drink coasters offer you enough printing space, so use them and double as your business card. Deviate from the old-school, traditional business card format and stand out from the rest! They'll surely remember you using this very innovative marketing tool.

Place your contact details, put in your logo, and even your products and services, increasing people's recognition and recall of your brand. With this kind of modern coaster design tip, your business card won’t immediately stay out of sight and out of the minds of your prospected customers.

3. In-Store Marketing

Even if people are already inside your store or office, you can continue marketing your brand to them. Personalised coasters are perfect examples of this situation. They are great as decorations and in-store marketing materials because they are subtle recognitions of your business brand.

Encourage customers to come back, and promote eventual loyalty by putting this message on the coasters they use. Have your employees use company coasters, also becoming brand advocates. Even add interesting facts and trivia questions related to your brand and business to let people learn more about what you’re selling.

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4. Personalised Coasters

One excellent way of showing appreciation to your loyal customers and employees is through personalised coasters. You can print out your recipient’s name or your favourite quote on the surface of the coaster to truly make it personalised.

Give your drink coaster gifts to those customers who love answering feedback surveys or to employees as tokens of appreciation. You can foster brand loyalty through your personalised coasters and promote your brand through and through.

5. Greeting Coasters

Express well-wished thoughts and ideas using personalised greeting coasters. You can show genuine care for your clients and your team through these small items that are sure to build stronger relationships with them.

Turn drink coasters into pieces of thank-you notes for loyal clients who do business with you, or print congratulatory messages for different milestones you gain with them. Even add personal touches by personally signing them or leaving small messages before sending them. This very thoughtful gesture powerfully conveys utmost and genuine care towards your customers and your teams, indeed becoming well-appreciated by anyone.

6. LED Coasters

LED coasters are very eye-catching marketing tools you can use for numerous initiatives. Great for dinner parties, block screenings, and employee nights out – name it, LED coasters got it!

Through this fantastic LED light feature, it becomes easier for people to see and remember your branding, even in the darkness. This idea can also provide them with a bit of light in dark environments, such as movie theatres, assisting them as they move around.

Aside from making your brand stand out, these LED coasters offer convenient and impressive decorative features your recipients will appreciate.

7. Puzzle Coasters

Puzzle coasters will surely make your marketing style more attractive. Turn your marketing strategy into a fun game your recipients can easily play and enjoy, still promoting your brand and business. It works best for a restaurant business since you can provide puzzle coasters together with your customers’ drinks. They can start forming these puzzle pieces altogether, revealing your brand’s logo or even a special message. This way can give them something to be occupied with while waiting for their order.

In addition, puzzle coasters can give all your company events more fun. Play these during team building games, or use them as props.

Friendly Reminders

  • Be Creative! Create something fun and engaging using your promotional product!
  • Don’t miss out! Never miss opportunities in providing your recipients with ways to learn more about your brand and business!
  • Promote and Personalise! With these coasters, you can advertise your business effectively while leaving behind a personalised and functional promotional product. Add value to every recipient that helps you create a favourable and lasting impression on them.
  • Stay True to Your Brand! In creating and printing your drink coasters, keep tips and marketing tactics in mind. Through these small details, you can maximise all the advantages you’ll get from coaster marketing, eventually boosting your brand and business.

Final Thoughts

These modern coaster design tips are sure hits in staying true to your brand and effectively promoting it to the world. Venture and explore coaster marketing and find yourself gaining loyal customers and hard-working employees along the way.

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