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What Is The Difference Between A Menu Cover And A Menu Holder?

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Your customers should have the most worthwhile dining experience in your restaurant. Whether you have a bistro, a cafe, or a bar, everything about your establishment should speak of your clientele having a fantastic time, and at the same time do its marketing purpose. 

Two of the very essential accessories in your cafe or restaurant business are your menu holders and menu covers. Catering to the needs of your guests as they place their orders, they should create the right impact. How is personalised menu covers different from menu holders?

Menu Holders Vs. Menu Covers

Through personalized menu holders, you will be able to present the menu of your restaurant at the table. Generally, a holder clasps a free-standing menu that your customers can remove and peruse. The frame of a menu holder serves to protect the list of your restaurant food items as it is being showcased on the tabletop. It can be placed on a table as a countertop and can be double-sided, or three or four-sided. 

What are personalized menu covers? Restaurant menu covers, on the other hand, are designed to protect menus that are made of paper or cards. That way, your customers are able to hold and read the menu. Typically, leather menu covers or those made of other materials are in the form of a book-style folder. 

There is another type of restaurant menu cover called the single-panel American menu cover where the selection of food items are presented back-to-back. For less formal bistros, a menu holder would tend to be more apt, but menus in a restaurant, in general, ought to be printed and laminated to ensure durability and withstand the constant and repeated handling of customers

Should You Choose A Menu Holder, or A Menu Cover?

If your restaurant has a formal or semi-formal arrangement of guest dining, you can consider using a menu cover. Especially if your restaurant has a classic set-up, you can choose to equip it with a black synthetic menu cover. Eateries that have a traditional design can likewise make use of it. 

Meanwhile, bars, cafes and pubs are better off to be accessorized with menu holders, particularly if their settings require customers to place their orders at a bar. These types of establishments tend to leave their menus on the tabletop. A freestanding holder is also a better option if you want to reprint or replace your menu copies easily.

What Are The Two Common Types of Menu Holders?

  • Olympia Menu Holder- this is normally an acrylic holder that stands at a tabletop to frame a menu that is made of card or paper. If your lunchtime menu, for example, features a limited selection, this holder would be an excellent choice. Do you have manager’s specials? Then an acrylic menu holder can be perfect for showcasing it to your guests. 
  • Clip or grip menu holders- these are designed to tightly grip upright menus that are laminated or those made of cards. This list of food items in your bistro can be removed and replaced by customers prior to placing their orders. 

The Features Of An American Menu Cover

If you’re considering choosing a more contemporary style of menu for your dining business, you can choose an American menu cover. Every space on each page on this type of menu is maximized and listed with the available food items that you serve. Its surface is usually transparent so that customers can clearly read and choose the best food items.

A simple American cover tends to be comprised of a single panel designed with a slip pocket that is reinforced and rather ornate. It displays items on both sides, although there are types of it that are also made of two or three panels. 

There are conventional folder or book-style menu covers, but an American menu cover is quite cost-effective being more durable, and in the same way is a very good space saver.

Let Your Menu Speak For Your Business 

Customers should have a quality and enjoyable experience of choosing their food in your restaurant. That’s why you ought to make personalized menu covers or menu holders that would not only attract your guests, but also showcase the theme of your business. 

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