Christmas Menu Ideas

Christmas Menu Ideas

Menu suggestions for the Christmas feast in 2021

#1 Menu for a traditional Christmas

Keep it simple with our classic Christmas menu, which includes pâté or fish appetisers and turkey centrepieces with all the fixings. Finish off with a traditional Christmas pudding (make sure to check out the number one UK menu shop).

#2 The easiest Christmas dinner you've ever had

With this simple yet magnificent celebration menu and easy-to-follow time plan, you can avoid the stress of cooking festive dinners. Christmas dinner preparation will be a breeze thanks to time-saving strategies, mouthwatering flavour changes, and a well-prepared shopping list.

#3 Menu for a vegetarian Christmas

Who needs meat when there's such a wide variety of festive vegetable options to keep you going all day? Start with light salad appetisers before moving on to hearty cheese and vegetable tarts for the main course.

#4 Christmas menu for vegans

Following a vegan diet does not imply that your Christmas menu must be limited. Dazzle your visitors with a colourful array of meat-free appetisers, sides, and main courses, as well as dairy-free sweets.

#5 Menu for a healthy Christmas

Christmas does not have to be a hedonistic celebration. We offer everything you need for a feel-good seasonal feast if you're seeking for lighter options. This delicious and nutritious Christmas feast, which includes healthy appetisers and canapés as well as a juicy roast turkey, will leave you feeling satiated rather than stuffed.

#6 Menu for two at Christmas

Use this scaled menu to make Christmas dinner a cosy experience for just two people, while yet maintaining the grandeur and sparkle of a full-fledged festive feast.

#7 Menu for a low-cost Christmas dinner

Put on a fantastic holiday feast without breaking the bank. Our impressive budget-friendly menu feeds a group of eight people and includes a helpful time schedule and shopping list.

#8 Christmas feast that is gluten-free

Prepare a delectable gluten-free Christmas supper for your family and guests. Our menu is no less sumptuous for catering to this unique dietary need, with meals designed to be produced with minimal trouble, from party food to puddings.

#9 Christmas supper at the last minute

Don't have a lot of time to prepare your Christmas dinner? This time-saving food can all be prepared on the big day following our time plan, so you won't have to miss any of the fun. Each recipe is basic, using only five or fewer ingredients. In addition, we've invented several ingenious shortcuts to improve the flavour.

#10 Christmas menu in a flash

Spend less time slaving away in the kitchen and more time with your loved ones. Our no-fuss Christmas menu features quick appetisers and sides, smaller main courses that require less time to prepare, and easy-to-make desserts.

#11 Menu for a two-hour Christmas feast

If you're short on time on Christmas Day or have been assigned the responsibility of cooking at the last minute, you can still prepare the perfect holiday meal in under two hours. To achieve an apparently superhuman achievement, all it needs is a little multitasking and basic methods like roasting all your trimmings in one dish.

#13 A crowd-pleasing Christmas menu

If you're entertaining a group of eight or more people, don't worry: we've got plenty of ideas for feeding a large group without having to make a lot of different dishes by batch baking and serving sharing plates and a huge turkey.

#14 Menu for a high-end Christmas dinner

Our fresh tweaks on traditional dishes will add a touch of luxury to your Christmas feast. This delectable combination includes pancetta and shallot-stuffed turkey, wild mushroom yorkies, and triple pigs-in-blankets. By 2 p.m., you'll have everything on the table thanks to our complete menu, shopping list, and timetable.

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