How to choose the right Restaurant menu holders

How to choose the right Restaurant menu holders


The consumer restaurant experience is ever-evolving, and the needs of customers have begun to change over time as well. Most customers want to look at the menu right away and start discussing it to figure out what they want to get. If their experience is good, then they'll want to come back. If not, they’ll have a bad impression and will refuse to come back. The design of your menu also factors into your success. If you have an interactive menu, you can maximize your customer engagement. Hence, it can be safely said that menus are one of the most important factors of any restaurant/cafe’s success.

To ensure a long-lasting good impression of your restaurant, one of the first things your diners will encounter is your menu. Now, you must ask yourself, which is better for your restaurant: menu holders or menu covers? For some businesses, wooden menu holders are a big hit, while for some restaurants, menu covers are a much better option. Not only that, the bill presenters, menu boards and other things are also major factors in giving a good, long-lasting impression on your customers.

Differences between Menu Holders, Menu Covers and Menu Boards?

Menu Holders are meant to hold menus that can be easily removed for the perusal of the customers (see our guide on the difference between menu holders and menu covers). They are meant to hold menus that are short and precise and usually talk about daily specials. If your restaurant menu fits these requirements and has daily specials and changes to the menu, then this is the one for you

Menu Covers, however, are better suited towards the formal and semi-formal settings due to their extravagant outlooks. They hold menus that usually have more than one page and list details of every menu item. If your restaurant is a fine-dining one where it’s more based on formal cuisine, then menu covers will make your diverse menu stand out.

Digital menu Boards are a hit in every restaurant, whether it’s formal or informal. It is usually used by less formal restaurants and cafes since their menus have comparatively less menu items than formal dining restaurants. The best part about a menu board is that it has a wider range of sizes, textures and qualities. They come in wood, leather and plastic, whichever suits your needs.

 World Wide Menus offer a wide range of menu holders, menu covers and menu boards, all in different vibrant colors, unique styles and textures that are bound to captivate your diners’ attention. You can choose which ones are the most suitable for you and your business. World Wide Menus have options and styles based on menus all around the world. Looking for a menu cover for a Thai-themed restaurant? They have it. More towards the English look? World Wide Menus have London themed menu covers and menu holders as well!

What Exactly Is A Menu Holder?

Menu Holders have two types:

  1. Acrylic Menu Holders:

Meant for tabletop displays, acrylic standing menu holders take a menu card and frame it. They are perfect for displaying limited edition deals and specials, especially for lunchtime menus, special limited offers and also public messages e.g. the use of sanitiser before eating. In some cases, these menu holders also let you tell customers about new deals and discounts as well as new ways to pay for your food through the QR code system.

  1. Grip or Clip Menu Holders:

Grip or clip menu holders are specially designed to firmly hold cards or laminated menus, which makes it easier for customers to remove them from their holders so they can look at it and go through it before deciding their orders. It is an excellent way to keep the customers engaged while they’re deciding what to order or while they’re waiting for their food.

Since the menus will constantly be pulled out and pushed back into the holder before and after use, the menu can be worn out rather quickly. It is advised that when getting the menus printed, make sure that they’re printed on something long-lasting, durable and of good quality so that they don’t get damaged that easily and last for a while before needing to be changed.

How to Clean a Menu Holder/Menu Cover:

Even though the menu holder might be made up of wood, plastic or leather, menu holders and menu covers can easily be cleaned with a damp piece of cloth. But keep in mind that when cleaning the holders or covers, make sure they’re completely dry before putting your menu back in. Otherwise, the moisture will damage the menu card. World Wide Menus high-quality menu holders and covers are easy to clean and are long-lasting as well.

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