Smart Ways to Introduce Room & Hotel Facilities to the Guests - Customised Information Folder

Smart Ways to Introduce Room & Hotel Facilities to the Guests - Customised Information Folder

Hotel services must improve to create a fantastic guest experience. Good room service is essential to encourage guests to stay longer. With the help of hotel room folders, informing guests would not be too hard.

A hotel room should also be up to date, giving a competitive advantage over the other hotels. This is the usual standard for business travellers who want to check-in and look for a place to relax their minds between meetings.

Besides a business trip, event attendees are also the usual guests that a hotel receives. That is why the hotel's services must have a wide range to offer guests a high-quality experience. The guest's experience must be the top priority of most hotels.

To inform many customers, your hotel should be able to be found on social media. You should be able to know the latest trends in digital marketing. If you make a website for your hotel, that is even better, and more guests can easily search for the nearby hotels around them.

With the people's frequent use of mobile devices, it is an advantage for many hotels to create attractions for customers.

What Does the Hotel Industry Need to Achieve Guest Satisfaction?


First of all, make sure that the hotel website or social media page must have all the services presented for a competent hotel, especially in your local area. From there, the potential customers will see how the hotel offers sensational smart rooms.

The booking process must be convenient and focused on customers. The filling of details must be easy while not leaving any unsubmitted information. It should not make them feel investigated but rather make them feel like a friend is asking them.

Integrating your hotel with omnichannel communication is extremely important so the guests can contact the staff through different channels. This lessens the issues and questions of the customer in bookings once they arrive at the front desk.

Allowing guests to use mobile phones, make phone calls when booking, and use the free Wi-Fi when they are finally in the hotel are important in providing customer-centred service. This ensures they can always reach out to service whenever they need it.

To set the mood for the guest's stay, make the guests feel like having a personal welcome from the hotel staff. This will make them realise how wonderful the surroundings are. It will also make them feel how understanding the staffs are.

Once the guests experience the warm welcome and are finally in their rooms, make sure to provide easy-to-find instructions in the hotel room. In that way, the customers can access all the information they need when they have many requests.

Now that we are using modern technology, the digital guest directory is one of the trends that makes the guest experience more commodious. Many guests want an easy way of gathering information these days, so the digital way suits them.

On the other hand, some guests prefer the elegance of reading information folders. This enables a guest to see the different facilities and offers of the hotel. Continue reading this article for a good quality service directory.

What Does the Finest Guest Directory Content Look Like?

First, the material of the hotel's guest directory should be structured in a systematic and ordered manner. The guests should find what they are looking for as quick as possible. This is why making a list in alphabetical order is essential, even if there are too many pages.

1. You must also not forget to put the Wi-Fi password in the room folder

Every guest wants to access the internet right away when they get to their rooms. This is one of the keys to getting good verified reviews for your hotel.

2. The appearance of your hotel, including the rooms, restaurants, and other hotel amenities

Most customers want to see some list of local amenities, sights, and various parts of the property that makes them feel connected to the place.

3. House rules or rules and regulations

The room folder can be used as a behavioural guide in your hotel, where guests can learn about your hotel's working hours and customs. Inform your visitors about when breakfast is served, how long the spa is open, and what to do in an emergency.

4. The offers, promotions, and the special features of the hotel

Every guest should know what they can get from the room services if drinks or food are being offered or other special services of the hotel—for example, chocolate-covered strawberries.

5. Attractions and enjoyable activities

The folder should also be a travel guide. Suggest some pointers on what the guests should visit and where they can find time to relax.

6. Available merchandise and cultural activities

Give a presentation and information on the neighbouring classic stores and theatre performances. This will help any guest be free from boredom and make them explore the property's surroundings.

7. Important emergency contact information and phone numbers

Use your guest folder as a source of important numbers to call in times of emergency. Phone numbers for doctors, pharmacies, and the fire department should be included on the list.

8. Guest suggestions and personal feedback about the quality of service

Leave some space for the guest to talk about their experience, whether it is amazing or bad. With that, the management will know how to improve the room and facilities.

9. Make sure to use correct grammar, proper or foreign language, and correct spelling

All the words and design matter because it is a part that piques the interest of guests to read all the information in the folder.

10. The guest folders should always be updated or in the latest trend

This will ensure that the guests are not missing out on anything they can get. Make sure that all the offers and availabilities of the hotel are present in the folder.

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