The 5 Best Ways To Use Chalkboards

The 5 Best Ways To Use Chalkboards

Do you want to shake up your marketing tactics? Do you want to find a new approach to communicate with your clients and customers?

In today's world, most businesses are visual. Because most people are on their phones or laptops, it is becoming more difficult for them to notice instructions, advertisements, and other information. Using countertop chalkboard signage to reach out to more people in your community is a fun method to do so.

When your customers visit your restaurant, counter top signage are a terrific method to connect with them quickly and effectively.

You can utilise a variety of signs, including printed signs and standees, as well as tile stickers and electronic message boards. While each of these types of signage serves a distinct purpose, many businesses neglect the chalkboard sign as a form of counter top signage.

Use chalkboard signage for frequently changing discounts, menus, and product labels, and instantly change in-store advertising with a damp cloth. We've added a number of adaptable styles and sizes to our chalkboard collection, giving you plenty of options. Take a look at our list of the top 5 ways to use a countertop chalkboard sign in your store.

Lists of Prices on the chalkboard

Countertop signs are the most convenient way to name your products, reducing the need for swing tags and price labels on everything!

They're not only an attractive way to display prices, but they'll also save you time, especially during busy seasons when you can't get enough goods on the shelves!

Our chalkboard and point-of-sale products go well with our CrateWall industrial display fixtures and stands. They come in a range of sizes and styles, making them ideal for customising price lists.
Ingredients & Products

When clients are exploring the fresh food counter, signage can assist them in quickly identifying crucial items and products that are appropriate for their diet.

Adjustable Display Clips, for example, can be used to mark gluten-free or allergen-containing foods. They may easily be clipped onto a variety of display items.

Use The Chalkboard For Offers and Promotions

Signage can be used to communicate promotions and offers to customers, explaining how they function and what options they have.

A7 or A6 Tabletop Chalkboards and Mini Chalkboards are acceptable size and won't take up too much space on your shelves for straightforward deals, such as your '4 for 3' or '20 percent discount.

Larger countertop signs like A4 Chalk Boards (also check out our A4 menu holders) A4 Tabletop Chalkboards provide adequate space to express all the need-to-know data for offers that require a bit more transparency, such as multibuys and meal discounts.

Guidelines and Policies for Covid-19

Customers who come inside your store after the lockout may not be aware of the Covid-19 guidelines you've implemented.

It's critical to utilise clear, instructional signage to advise customers on how to behave in your store.

Tabletop Menu Holders are suitable for displaying more elaborate messages and posters that can be swapped as rules change, while A4 Tabletop Chalkboards are ideal for shorter messaging. A sign should be readable, therefore make sure your lettering is legible.

Because well-designed lettering helps your signage communicate effectively, it's worth reading our chalkboard lettering guide for some pointers on how to get the greatest results.

A sign should be readable, therefore make sure your lettering is legible. Because well-designed lettering helps your signage communicate effectively, it's worth reading our chalkboard lettering guide for some pointers on how to get the greatest results.

Specials and Menus

Even the tiniest details can make a lasting impression, which is why a shabby menu can ruin your service.

Mounting printed menus on a Tabletop Menu Holder during service will preserve them clean and free of spills and food stains, ensuring that your dining experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Chalkboards in the Workplace?

So, why is chalkboard signage becoming increasingly popular? To begin with, chalkboards allow you to come up with innovative ways to offer products and services and swiftly put those ideas into action. Chalkboard displays provide a competitive advantage over competitors that use preprinted signage that cannot be altered.

As a result, chalkboard art can now be found on store walls and restaurant tables all over the place.

The ever-increasing cost of cut vinyl or printed signage is another cause for the chalkboard sign revolution. All business owners want to save money on advertising, and many are also trying to be more environmentally

conscious by reducing their usage of paper and non-reusable signs. Chalkboards are a natural choice because they are inexpensive and reusable for many years.

Finally, people nowadays like to use chalkboards as props and backgrounds for selfies and group shots on social media in restaurants and stores. That implies blackboard signs makes your institution more enjoyable for your customers, and every tag increases your company's social media following!

With all of the advantages chalkboard signs provide for all types of stores and eateries, it's time to learn how to use them to take your business to the next level.

What are the Benefits of Chalkboard Signs in Restaurants?

Restaurant chalkboard signs are both functional and fashionable, which is why so many bars and restaurants use them to promote their menus and events at a low cost.

Using a chalkboard sign at your restaurant or pub can have fantastic effects, especially if you get creative with your restaurant advertising. Outdoor sidewalk signage and indoor menu signs are the two most common types of restaurant blackboard signs.

How to Create a Restaurant Chalkboard Sign

You want your sign to be clean and professional, with a font that matches the aesthetic of your restaurant. If you don't have any artists on staff, you can utilise this approach to make your sign: Create and print a template.

Once you've come up with a design you like, flip the paper over and smear graphite across it before placing it against the chalkboard. After that, you can trace over the letters with a pencil to create an outline on the board, which you can then fill in using a chalkboard marker.

There are a few other chalkboard ideas to consider when creating your design:

  • Keep it basic when it comes to sidewalk signs. Ensure that passers-by can swiftly and easily see your signs from a distance.
  • Include symbols and drawings in your restaurant's chalkboard menu design. These features will help your menu stand out and empower customers to make more informed choices.
  • Match the tone of your signs to the tone of your company. When appropriate, use humour and current references, but always strive to make clients feel at ease.

Have you seen our guide on how to make a pavement chalkboard sign!


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