What Are Restaurant Menu Clipboards: All You Need To Know

What Are Restaurant Menu Clipboards: All You Need To Know

You can give a unique character to your restaurant menu by using a clipboard. A menu clipboard is a practical alternative to a regular menu card. There are many advantages to using it, that’s why it is a popular accessory in restaurants, eateries and bars.

There are several factors to consider when buying a menu clipboards. When doing so, you should choose a durable and high-quality brand that can serve you for the years to come.

Is It Worth It To Buy A Menu Clipboard?

A clipboard basically works like a wooden placemat under your menu. It’s a menu board, so to speak and it is excellent as a tool in gastronomic and dining establishments. It looks presentable as a menu stand and is quite functional. Its practicality is to beat and it is very convenient.

There are menu books that you’ll often find in the same places. As much as they are common and preferred by some, they have certain drawbacks. They can contain a long list of food and beverage items, however, they tend to be bulky, occupying a large space on the table. They can appear to be bothersome to some customers, not to mention that they are an expensive investment for your business. 

Your customers can become overwhelmed browsing through a menu book, especially since they have to look and scroll through several pages and a hefty list of selections. You wouldn’t want your guests to get lost while searching for the best foods to order. That’s not a pleasant customer experience. 

Being huge and heavy to carry, it would be difficult to dispense numerous copies of menu books. This means that there might not be enough of them to distribute to all customers when your restaurant is in operation.

Practical and Attractive Restaurant Menu Clipboards

Yes, its practicality and design fused together in one with a menu board. With this accessory, it’s easier to modify your menu because all you have to do is insert and remove the cards in and from the pad. A clip or string may hold the board, and all you have to do is fasten and unfasten it to attach or detach your list. 

With this, you’ll have no problems changing or updating your menu. Even when you do, you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money and your list of food and drink items remains attractive. 

Clipboards for your menu are an economical option, too. It is quite cheap to buy them, and you can purchase as many as you want. You can utilise as many of it as you deem proper for your business.

What design do you prefer? You can choose from clipboards that are of plywood or board material, and they look splendid whichever. With this accessory in your place, your brand will have an extraordinary character. It will be unique in conjunction to the theme of your establishment. 

Your customers will have a pleasant experience selecting their orders from a concise and well-organized list of food and drinks items. They are easy to carry for your servers and light to hold for your guests. They do not take up a lot of space on the table as well.

Materials For Your Menu Clipboard: How To Choose

What sort of material should you choose for your menu board? It matters what you use, depending on your choice, the theme of your business and your budget. There are clipboards made of plywood, and there are those made of boards. You can select which is most apt and what coordinates with the interior and design of your restaurant. Does it go well with your restaurant decor?

Plywood and board clipboards are solid and more durable, and they are practical options.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you can opt for plastic clipboards. Then again, you can’t expect them to look as elegant as wooden or board clipboards. Plastic menu clipboards are not very sturdy, and they are prone to get scratched and damaged. 

It is therefore a wise investment to buy plywood or board clipboards for your menu. They’ll stay for long and will delight your customers because of their convenience, functionality and style.

What To Look For In A Plywood Pad

The best option for a restaurant by far is a plywood menu clipboard. This restaurant accessory is actually comprised of several layers of thin wood that are attached to each other with glue. The adhesive used should be water-resistant and stick the plywood layers well. 

The type of wood used for the plywood determines the sturdiness and solidness of the clipboard. It dictates how hard and strong it can be. Take a good look at the clip or string on its head. Does it attach well to the plywood surface?

Ensuring that the plywood menu board is water-resistant needs it to be covered with a transparent varnish. As you know, wood on its own is not water-resistant, but the varnish helps in keeping its structure and maintaining its good condition.


You can buy wooden or board menu clipboards online in specialised dining accessories stores. Wooden clipboards are ideal for holding your restaurant menus because they are durable, attractive and affordable in the long run.

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