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What to Put in a Guest Information Folder

What to Put in a Guest Information Folder

Every hotel or guest house should have a comprehensive guest information folder. A well-written guest manual or guest room folder is a key element in making a lasting impression on your guests.

In this article, we will learn what to put in a guest information folder to give our guests peace of mind throughout their stay.

Why should you create a guest information folder?

Guest folders assist management in providing guests with information that may be useful during their stay. Here guests can check out instructions and property information, as well as information on things to do in the surrounding region.

Furthermore, a guest book should be included to learn about previous guests' insights, which can be helpful for future guests. They might also see in it if the previous requests are accommodated. This input by the guests could be beneficial to your business.

How to put together a guest information folder

A well-crafted, informative guest information pack can help your guests have a delightful stay. Here are some crucial things to do and avoid when creating a great guest information folder


  • Leave information about where to see waste bags for various types of waste
  • Include essential items like property address and office contact details
  • Provide information on where to see dog-friendly items
  • Include information in your folder about carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors
  • Information about the nearest car park or if street parking is allowed
  • Choose a quality material for the folder, such as a hardback ring binder
  • Put laminated sheets or plastic wallets on folders and menu holders for more accessible sanitation, then put corner protectors for extra bling 


  • Put the guest information folder in an unnoticeable place
  • Use low-quality material for the folder
  • Use too many pages for the entire folder as they are hard to read
  • Put information that is lengthy and unclear
  • Provide unclear instructions without images or maps

Essentials for a Great Guest Information Folder

When creating a great guest folder, always keep your guests in mind. The packet should be as detailed and complete as possible, containing the guests' needs, how-tos, and other instructions for the guest rooms where they will stay.

If you still have no idea what to put in a guest information folder and how to make it superb, consider these essential things in making one.

Going the Extra Mile: Writing a Welcome Message

Provide a warm and friendly welcome note at the beginning of your guest information folder to add a nice touch. A welcome greeting is an excellent way to introduce your folder because guests first want to learn about the property and the owner.

Guests will appreciate it if there is something for them to read, such as the history of your beautiful holiday cottage and a personal greeting from the property owner. In this manner, they will sense a connection with you and will be more at ease during their stay. 

For Safety: Emergency Local Hotlines

Including emergency contact details is one of the most vital considerations when creating a guest folder. You must provide the owner's or the property manager's contact information in order to accommodate emergency services if there are any.

Include contact information for nearby hospitals, doctors, dentists, fire stations, police, and even veterinary services if your guest house is pet-friendly. Contact info of your caretaker or handyman is important too. These details can help guests feel more secure and at ease. 

House Rules and other Guidelines for Amenities

The guest folder should include comprehensive instructions, guidelines, and house rules for your holiday property. Some policies may contain restrictions on beaches or swimming pool details, information about parking spaces, or whether street parking is permitted.

Instructions for any appliances guests might use are also essential. Include details on smart heating and how hot water works. The guest package should also have information on the fuse boxes, whether tap water is safe to drink, and how to operate water controls.

The times of day to use are also included in the appliance instructions. Prohibited items, especially sharp objects, should also be listed in the house rules. If applicable, restrictions on adventure parks and public gardens should also be included in the guest information packet. 

Wi-Fi Login Details

Your guest room folder would be incomplete without the Wi-Fi login details. Wi-Fi appears to be a necessity for guests, as they use it for enjoyment and monitoring important emails and texts. Guests will appreciate it if the login information is already included in the folder.

Put it on the top page of the folder as much as possible. People prefer to look for a space with internet connectivity in every establishment. Having it on your property would be beneficial to visitors because it would make it easier for them to connect to the internet. 

Creating the Best Guest Information Book (Conclusion)

Making a great holiday home guest information requires a lot of effort. If you find it difficult to make one, this guide will help you develop the greatest guest information book that your guests will find useful during their stay. You just always have to include the necessary information that guests need.

Even though creating a guest folder takes time, it is critical that you deliver entire satisfaction to the guests by making them feel welcome from the beginning of their stay. The first impression indeed lasts, so make their first visit to your property as memorable as possible.

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