5 Hanging Menu Boards Tips for 2022

5 Hanging Menu Boards Tips for 2022

So, you've opened a restaurant and are ready to hang up your menu boards. As an experienced provider of products to restaurants, we're here to give you a few tips for your hanging menu boards. 

Magnetic Hanging Menu Boards is a magnetic signage alternative for displaying your constantly changing menu or message. The wall-mounted menu, which is designed to be easily reversed, is a popular choice for businesses looking to display their offerings in a unique and creative way.

Because the magnetic sign is a popular item in the World Wide Menu range, we've compiled a list of our favourite uses in case you're looking for some ideas for your bar, restaurant or cafe.

Let's look at our top 5 tips for 2022!

#1 Multiple menu options

The steel faceplate can be unclipped and flipped around to easily move from coffee to drinks in one quick flip if you're moving from day to evening and want to change your menus. This would also be ideal for transitioning between meals, such as from breakfast to lunch or from lunch to dinner.

#2 Signage for Storefronts

Install your hanging menu board in front of your building with your company logo to attract notice or as a sign to inform customers of your business hours. 

It might also have a magnetically written message or quotation that changes every day. If you're mounting the message board on the outside of a building, we recommend bringing it in each evening to prevent it from being destroyed or stolen.

#3 Displaying the Menu

From espressos and croissants to salads and sushi bowls, display your food and drink menu on the Hanging Menu Board to share your offerings with clients, or use magnetic letters to display your daily changing offers. It might be placed behind the counter or at various areas throughout your cafe or restaurant. If your menus change frequently, magnetic letters are the ideal option, but you could also use a vinyl sticker to display a more permanent menu.

#4 Side-by-side stacking

Install numerous Hanging Menu Boards side by side to display multiple messages or menus at once. Multiple menu boards would work nicely in any space, from distilleries and breweries to florists and boutiques, presenting a full menu, timetable, or product price.

#5 Hanging from the ceiling

There are no restrictions on where you can hang your Hanging Menu Board! We created the sign to be easily mounted on your walls and ceiling, so you can use it wherever you like. The Hanging Menu Board might be hung from the ceiling and utilised as directional signs, directing clients to where they should order, find the restrooms, or try something on. 

What has changed in the market for Covid-19?

It's no surprise that the epidemic has had a significant impact on numerous industries, forcing many business owners to restructure their operations. 

However, several businesses thrived throughout the pandemic and were able to capitalise on the global situation.

The fast food or QSR (quick service restaurant) industry was one of these industries. Because many restaurants were closed owing to lockdown regulations during the pandemic, several fast food restaurants adapted by offering drive-through and contact-free delivery

In fact, according to a recent research by the NPD Group, drive-thru lanes accounted for 44% of all off-premise orders in the restaurant business.

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