Menu pricing strategies

Menu pricing strategies

Menu pricing strategies For Your Cafe Menu: Make Your Coffee Shop A Unique Place To Eat and Drink

Wish you had a magic cafe menu pricing calculator? Don't worry, you don't need a pricing calculator for your cafe menu, we can help you.

It can be a challenge to price the items in your menu, particularly if you are running a cafe. How much should you charge for a flat white? Is the cost you ask enough for the experience and the efficient customer service that you deliver?

If you want your cafe business to be successful, you have to price your food items right. The following tips can guide you in placing the best prices as you showcase attractive menu holders for cafes on your table.

Know What Your Customers Want

What is your target market? Basically, it’s about knowing who your customers are. You will be able to set the right prices as you ascertain how much your customers are intent to pay. Who are the people who come to your coffee shop.

If, for instance, retirees frequent your establishment, you would expect them to prefer a particular dining experience than if they were office workers visiting during their break. The same thing if your clientele is comprised of students, or maybe families.

As you identify who your primary customers are, you can arrange a cafe set-up that would cater to their needs and inclinations. Having yuppies, office workers and students always lounging in your coffee shop can bring you ideas of designing it with work spaces that include power outlets. In the same way, you can provide wireless internet.

As your customers become attracted to the convenience that you offer, you can surmise that they would be willing to pay more, and this means you can charge more for your cafe menu items.

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Consider The Location Of Your Cafe

Determine your location. Apparently, if your cafe is located in an upmarket section, you can set higher prices as expected by your guests. However, you have to make sure that the dining experience you offer is at par with the environment. Likewise, if your shop is located in a less affluent district, you should be charging reasonable prices.

Just because your cafe runs in a cheaper area doesn’t mean that you can earn less. You can compensate through other sales and marketing schemes through add-ons, serving bigger sizes, various choices of milk and extra shots, among others. The menu you present should be accessible to entice patrons to spend accordingly.

Know The Prices Offered By Your Competition

Not that you have to make them your enemies, but regardless of your relationship, you have to know the menu prices offered by your competition. 

Your prices could vary, but they should be commensurate to the quality of the experience and the drinks that you provide. Is your latte 25c more expensive? Give your customers reasons to be willing to pay extra for dining in your cafe. Perhaps your coffee shop has a more convenient location, such as being near the train station, or has ample parking. You can make your customer service superb, and you can promote that your coffee is of better quality.

Your Prices Should Cover The Actual Costs

This is a prime consideration when pricing your cafe menu. That means you have to compensate for the actual costs that you expend. After all, there are direct costs that include your supplies and stocks, as well as the labor you pay for. Indirect costs such as heating, repairs and taxes should be considered, too.

These factors could be your measuring point to estimate your prices, and more importantly, you have to set realistic and targeted weekly sales. When you are aware of how much monthly expenses you have to cover, you can begin to price the individual products that you offer.

Choosing the prices and the food items in your menu entails that you ensure the profit that you obtain, which in turn also justifies the mention of these products in your food selection. For example, you have an item that you place that has a profit margin of 100%. Then there’s another one that has 25%. Take into account the factors that add to the former in your menu. It can be that it is a specialty choice that attracts new customers, or that your cafe has a splendid reputation for offering it. If the said item in your menu accounts for its price, then it is worth keeping. Otherwise, it should be replaced with a more profitable alternative.

Pricing your cafe menu right requires that your establishment becomes a destination instead of being just a place to grab some coffee. Your customers should have an exemplary experience when dining in it so that they would be willing to pay for the extra costs.

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