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What is Bonded Leather

What is Bonded Leather

What is Bonded Leather?

We use high quality bonded leather made from 85% genuine leather fibres and waste retrieved from tanneries to form a uniform sheet material (Make sure to check out World Wide Menus Menu Covers).

Not all bonded leathers are the same, (bonded leather) some can have a leather content as low as 50% producing an inferior product.  At worldwide menus, we only use the highest quality materials giving your products the visual impact they deserve.

Bonded leather is an environmentally friendly alternative to using leather hides, reusing leftover leather reducing the need for extra farming.  The process produces sheets and rolls of a finished product which is uniform without blemishes and with very little variance between batches unlike leather hides.

Being able to use all of the material makes this a more economical and environmentally friendly option compared to using leather hides.

The material gives the impression, feel and smell of real leather for only a fraction of the cost, available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Material Swatches from our Bonded Leather lines Tokyo and Beijing

We Have Produced Covers For Leading Brands Including

We are proud to be FSC® certified

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