Collection: A3 CLIPBOARDS

With a decent quality clipboard from our wonderful assortment at World Wide Menus, you can keep your restaurant menus, crucial papers, meeting notes, or notepads neatly in place. Our A3 clipboards come in a variety of materials, including plain board, leather, fabric, PVC-covered or metal, and are ideal for keeping loose documents together in the restaurant or hotel. Or while travelling from conference to meeting. For a professional look, choose from a variety of colours to complement your work outfit or other desk decorations. We provide clipboards with pen holders and fold-over covers for maximum document protection, as well as pockets for additional storage.

A3 Colour Clipboards - A3 Wooden Clipboards - A3 Leather Clipboards - A3 Fabric Clipboards - A3 Metallic Clipboards

We Have Produced Covers For Leading Brands Including

Hand Made in the UK

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