How Can You Improve Your Hotel Conference Room?

How Can You Improve Your Hotel Conference Room?

How Can You Improve Your Hotel Conference Room?

Hotels are attractive because they mean convenience. Travelling 500 miles to watch a sporting event is worth it because you’re staying in a hotel room, which makes your stay convenient. Business professionals as well feel the same because of custom hotel accessories that make their visit become full of comfort and style. What about your hotel conference room? Is it attractive enough to entice business clienteles to do their dealings and hold meetings there?

Consider that customers will have no qualms about buying something that would make their lives easier and more enjoyable. It is the same thing with businesses that are willing to pay for a good quality experience and splendid service. Your hotel conference room should be one of the efficient amenities in your establishment that will attract business professionals and other companies.

It’s all good having a guest information book, but we have some extra tips to keep your guests happy.

5 Technology-Based Amenities To Improve Your Conference Room

That’s why you have to implement ways to improve the meeting spaces of your hotel. The following are 5 technological upgrades that you can incorporate in your hotel conference room:

#1 Modern screen-sharing equipment

That is, it is better if it is cloud-based. Through this technology, professionals would be able to collaborate in the meeting by sharing their presentations, reports and campaign propositions in the room via their devices. 

Not that guests will still need to attach their computers to projectors manually by utilizing a string of HDMI or VGA cables and adapters is obsolete, but using them in your hotel meeting space means that it is not equipped with modern presentation amenities. With cables and adapters being restrictive, they tend to be incompatible with the latest devices of your guests.

Cloud-based screen sharing solutions are now cost-efficient, and these allow your guests to connect their laptop screens wirelessly to the main display. With this technology, guests will steer clear about worrying about downloading extra software or working out adapters.

#2 Fast and reliable internet

A slow internet speed would derail a meeting by letting your guests wait for a buffering video. Don’t break the momentum of a lively discussion during a conference by annoying your guests as they troubleshoot internet problems or wait for a web page to load.

Whether it’s for winning a client or presenting a crucial business proposal, a high-speed internet connection in your hotel conference room can encourage repeat customers and give them their indispensable peace of mind. Plenty of small and medium-sized businesses lack high speed internet connection, and providing it in your hotel meeting space can help them with their dealings so that everything will proceed as planned. These days, no one can undermine the importance of fast and reliable internet.

#3 Accessible power outlets

You may think that this is a cinch, but you’ll be amazed at how lax some meeting rooms can be when it comes to accessing power outlets. Isn’t it that you would normally find them in the corners of the room on the walls not far from the floor?

What is more apt, however, is to locate electrical outlets in areas where the guests are sitting down- typically at the conference table. You can therefore ensure that the devices of your customers are fully charged, and they wouldn’t be bothered by distracting wires

#4 Efficient external audio source 

You actually would not want your guests to rely on their tiny laptop speakers when delivering their presentations. It’s totally underwhelming to do this and is absolutely distracting especially if someone is relaying important information. That’s why an excellent external audio source is essential in your hotel meeting space. 

You can have the room installed with wireless screen sharing software that has the capability to wirelessly relay audio to the main display speakers.

#5 Conference phone and speakers

Cell phone speakers may not suffice when contacting business partners and relaying vital information. In lieu, you can use conference phone speakers, especially when your clients are doing business all across the globe.

Final Thoughts

Improving your hotel conference room with the above modern amenities can boost your business. Consider that this equipment may not be available in the meeting spaces of local professionals and businesses. With these 5 technology-based upgrades and capabilities in your meeting space, you can guarantee that your hotel will attract more clients and become an ideal place for doing business.

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